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glory, glory

Well, I've completed my 5th and final year of my undergraduate career. It's crazy to say it. I'm still struggling to wrap my mind around it. I. Am. Finished. Well, give or take a final case assessment, capstone reflection, and self-care paper. Then I will be officially finished. Graduation is in 11 days and I am honestly struggling to emotionally keep it together. It's been a long year and an even longer 6 days. There were presentations and a car wreck with 4 sweet girls killed and 1 in critical condition. I was reading this post a little while ago and I could not contain myself. I cried. Even though I have cried multiple times this week, the tears still started streaming--not nearly as strong as the drive to Athens Wednesday morning when I seriously could not contain my tears of joy and loss and sorrow and excitement for my last Wednesday class ever and leaving the University of Georgia--but they still ran down. Now, as I sit here typing these keys will be drenched i…

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